How One Silent Auction Chair Procures 700+ Items Annually

Posted by Summy Lau on Apr 11, 2017 9:12:42 AM

Silent Auction Item Procurement Tips from Heather Dean Presnall, National MS Society

Whether your fundraising event is in one week, one month or one year, chances are your charity auction could benefit from a few more unique, valuable items.

Are you getting items that will "wow" donors, sell tickets and ultimately generate the bids needed to meet your revenue goals?

If not - how can you equip your procurement committee with the necessary tools for success?

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How to Build a Professional Procurement Packet for Your Auction Committee

Posted by Ian Lauth on Jun 3, 2014 11:30:00 AM

Professional Procurement Packet

Developing a professional procurement packet for your auction committee will benefit both your team and the businesses they solicit for auction item donations.

For your team, a procurement packet provides a way to stay organized, professional and on task. Prospective donors (businesses who you ask to donate an item for your auction), on the other hand, will appreciate being presented with professional documents containing clear information, and may be more receptive to an organization who looks like they have their act together.

In this post we look at the most important pieces of an effective procurement packet. If you would like to download our own Winspire templates that contain all the pieces discussed below, you can download the Procurement Packet Starter Kit.

Procurement Packet Starter Kit

To make your procurement packets as effective as possible, include these 3 essentials:

1. Procurement letter

Face-to-face meetings are typical when asking individuals or businesses to donate items for your live or silent auction. For those you do not initially reach in person, you can mail, fax, email or hand deliver a procurement letter to their place of business. Just like face-to-face meetings, your procurement letter should provide clear information regarding your organization and how the item you are requesting will help your mission. More specifically, your letter should include:

  • An emotional story and picture to tug at donors’ heartstrings and inspire them to donate.
  • How donors will make an impact by donating.
  • Opportunities for donors to be recognized for their contributions.
  • A specific request for an item or service to be donated.
  • How to donate an item or service.
  • Your federal tax ID number so donors can write off their contribution*. 
  • The organization’s logo and mission statement to reinforce your goals.

*Circumstances and state laws may vary. Consult executive management.

2. Donation form

Donation forms are designed to ensure your committee members gather all of the information you need for each auction item they bring in. The forms are filled out by your team following the solicitation of an individual or business who has agreed to donate an auction item.

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