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35 Unique & Exciting Raffle Basket Ideas for Greater Fundraiser Revenue

Posted by Summy Lau

Exciting Raffle Basket Ideas PDF We recently shared a list of ideas for incredible raffle grand prizes, including travel packages, electronics, season tickets, and even a dream home. Offering an impressive grand prize allows charities to raise tens of thousands of dollars for their cause.

That said, for most people, knowing more than 1 winner will be drawn is a powerful incentive to buy more tickets! So it's smart to procure smaller prizes to fill out the raffle.

One perfect solution: raffle baskets. The contents are relatively simple to get donated and make great gifts that appeal to virtually everyone. A basket fundraising raffle can also be incorporated into larger events like dinners, school carnivals and golf tournaments to raise more funds and momentum.

For inspiration, we have put together a list of 35 ideas for eye-catching, exciting raffle baskets. These creative themes and components will make selling tickets for your fundraising basket raffle a breeze.

Top Ideas for Exciting Raffle Baskets

  1. Football Frenzy. Football season is upon us! Raffle off 2-4 tickets to a college or pro football game. Dress up the basket with snacks, beer, foam fingers and other accessories that feature team colors.
  2. Spa Rejuvenation. Offer a luxurious, at-home spa experience with a basket featuring high-end face washes, masks and lotions, bath bombs, loofahs, pumices and a gift card to cosmetics retailers (like Lush or Kiehl's). Store these spa goodies in a pretty metal or wood shower caddy.DOWNLOAD 35 RAFFLE BASKET IDEAS (PDF)
  3. Book Club Starter Kit. Do the legwork for bookworms by gathering popular reads. Top sellers in 2018 include The President Is Missing, The Perfect Couple and The Outsider. Books recently or being adapted into movies include Mary, Queen of Scotts; Ophelia (a retelling of Hamlet); and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Include drinks and snacks, and the winner is all set to host months of profound literary discussions.Red and White Wines On Wood
  4. Red, White & Wine. You can't go wrong giving away wine. Consider having board members donate a bottle each of red or white to make a truly buzzworthy raffle basket prize.
  5. Silver Screen Stunner. Attract film buffs with a wide selection of classic movies. To focus your efforts, try coming up with a theme, like animal movies, inspirational sports films, top-rated on Rotten Tomatoes, or Oscar Best Picture winners. You can then decorate the basket according to the theme (i.e. little golden statuettes, film reels, athlete bobbleheads), and add gift certificates or tickets to a local movie theater. For even greater appeal, offer the opportunity to be an extra in a movie or signed memorabilia from one of the featured films.Mother and daughter sitting with pet dog in living room at home
  6. "Fur Baby" Fun. Any pet owner would love to win a basket full of new treats for Fido or Fluffy. Pair tasty snacks, toys, grooming supplies, collars and novelty items (like dinosaur costumes, paw print photo frames and holiday sweaters) with a gift card to your local pet supply store.
  7. Crazy for Chocolate. "It's the most fabulous prize one could wish for: a lifetime supply of chocolate!" (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) You may not be able to offer a lifetime supply, but satisfy any sweet tooth with a collection of gourmet fair-trade chocolates from around the world in various flavors, ranging from milk chocolate to dark to spicy. Sweeten the pot with hot cocoa, a fondue set, unique candied brittles, gourmet candies (like Sugarfina cubes) and a backstage tour of a local confectionery.
  8. Lucky Lotto. Your raffle winners are on a lucky streak! Give them the chance to win even more with a lotto ticket basket or wreath.
  9. Taste of Italy. Showcase Mediterranean cuisine with truffle oil, extra virgin olive oil, full-bodied red wine, dry salami, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, capers and a homemade pasta maker. Add ceramic dipping bowls to complete the set. Then let winners get inspiration from the pros with a gift card to a local Italian restaurant.Happy Young Couple Having a Romantic Evening Date While Drinking Wine
  10. Date Night on the Town. Raffle off a timeless date night with dinner and a show. Procure two tickets to a live performance, such as the symphony or opera, and add gift certificates to a swanky restaurant nearby. Add more value with a voucher for a private driver or limo.
  11. Gorgeous 'n' Glam. Full makeup sets - kits that include everything from eye shadow palettes to pencils, brushes, lip gloss and more - can be worth well over a few hundred dollars. Raffle off luxury cosmetics plus a gift card to a high-end department store like Saks 5th Avenue, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, or a cosmetics-specific store like Sephora.DOWNLOAD 35 RAFFLE BASKET IDEAS (PDF)
  12. Say Cheese. Two words: cheese board. Include gourmet cheeses, salami, antipasto, dried fruit, nuts, olives, crackers, mustard and jam. Put in a basket alongside a round wooden board and cheese knives. Just add fresh fruit and dips, and the winner is ready to entertain!
  13. Game Night. Let raffle winners smoke the competition with game-night-in-a-box. Provide new games and classics alike with games like Telestrations After Dark (an adult riff on Pictionary), Taboo, The Voting Game (great icebreaker for new groups) and Trivial Pursuit. Take the fun outside with a group voucher, typically for 4 to 10 people, to an escape room.Close-Up of 2 People Toasting Marshmallows
  14. Great Outdoors. Raffle off camping essentials like a tent, headlamp, grill, kettle, camping hammock, and double-walled tumblers and coolers (top brands include Hydroflask, Yeti and S'well). You might include binoculars for birdwatching, a GoPro wearable camera, or a telescope for star gazing.
  15. Caffeine Fix. There's no shortage of accessories and beans that can be gifted to a coffee lover. Get raffle winners their daily jolt of java with an espresso machine, fair trade coffee beans or grounds, a pour-over coffee drip, espresso cups and a French press.

Note: Raffle registration laws vary by state. Avoid the penalties - on both your organization and individual directors and officers - by properly registering your raffle. Please seek legal counsel regarding your specific situation before hosting a raffle.

Download the Full List of 35 Raffle Basket Ideas

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