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7 Fun & Unique Summer Fundraising Ideas

Posted by Grace Neumann

Don't let the summer fundraising slump get you down

Summer is the time for us all to take a breather between the chaos of spring and fall gala season. However, we know for busy nonprofits, the need for fundraising never quite goes away, even as donors go on vacation and the team gets a well-deserved break. 

We've put together a list of several fun, unique summer fundraising ideas to keep your community engaged with your organization and mission during the summer months.

Team Up with Local Businesses for a Scavenger Hunt

One great way to stay engaged with the community during the summer is to reach out to local businesses and organizations. Partner with them to create a community-wide scavenger hunt to both encourage support of local businesses, and fundraise for your mission. For example, set up a QR code for a donation page to be displayed at local businesses. For every donation made with a purchase, businesses could offer some sort of small discount or perk. 

Host a Trivia Livestream

Who doesn't love a good trivia night? With Winspire's livestream feature comes  the option to host a live trivia night. Take donations at the end of each round, or charge a small fee to attend. 

Charity Golf Tournament 

The sun is out, warmer weather is here, and with that comes more time on the green! Host a community charity golf tournament to raise awareness for your mission.  

Charity Open Mic Night or Community Talent Show

Get the laughs going with a charity open mic night or community talent show. Family friendly, and open to all ages, this idea is a long time classic. Partner with a local park or venue to host and charge a small admission fee.

Movie Night in the Park

Take advantage of the longer hours of sunlight to host a movie night in the park! From fun family-friendly movies, to classic films, or documentaries to raise awareness around your cause, a movie night in the park always draws a crowd.

Summer A-Thon to Keep the Kids Entertained 

Running, walking, jogging, jump-roping -- in the summer months, the options are endless. Host a month-long a-thon of your choice to challenge the community to stay active while raising awareness for your mission. With Winspire's participant center and leaderboards, participants and their supporters will be able to stay engaged and competitive all while raising funds for a good cause! See a sample read-a-thon here

A Summer Sweepstakes to Raise the Stakes

Keep it interesting by hosting a summer sweepstakes! To mix it up and engage donors  and supporters, offer unique entry alternatives, such as meeting a certain fundraising goal through a peer-to-peer fundraiser, or sharing awareness about your organization's mission on social media. To sweeten the deal, check out some of our travel experiences and offer one in your summer sweepstakes or raffle!

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