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Napa and Sonoma 100% Open for Business: See what's new🍷

#GivingTuesday 2017: What it is and how you can participate [infographic]

JUST RELEASED: Silent Auction Luxury Hotel Stays

Must-share stats on year-end giving 🎁 [INFOGRAPHIC]

6 Steps to Your Most Creative Auction Item Ideas, Ever

Sending Love to Napa and Sonoma 🍇

October Donation Give-Away Winner Announced! Congrats goes to...

8 Mistakes that Sap the Fun OUT of Fundraising Events

Do you need an auctioneer AND an emcee?

Where are well-heeled donors traveling in 2018? INFOGRAPHIC

In Their Words: 5 Reasons Top Auctioneers Love Consignment Travel

10 Fundraising Event Ideas to Bring In the Big Bucks

What to Do When Weather Doesn't Cooperate with Your Fundraiser

How Professional Auctioneers Order Live Auction Items [EXAMPLE]

Donor Management Software: Improve Relationships and Fundraising

5 Ways to Support Hurricane Harvey Relief

6 Reasons to Attend the RAISE 2017 Event Fundraising Conference

The Easiest Way to Set Opening Bids on Live Auction Items

2017 Online Giving Trends: INFOGRAPHIC

The Golden Hour of Fundraising Auctions 🌅

When Do Auctioneers Recommend Using No-risk Travel? 3 Scenarios

6 Quick Tips for an Online Donation Page that Packs a Punch

How many items should be included in a live auction?

Beginner's Guide to Live Auction PowerPoint Slides [FREE Templates]

The 6 Most Important Event Chairs to Recruit for Your Fundraising Auction

What coffee brands are served on top airlines worldwide? ☕

July Donation Give-Away Winner Announced! Congrats goes to...

3 Ways to Harness Mobile Fundraising in 2017: INFOGRAPHIC

Is a Benefit Race or Fun Run Right for Your Nonprofit?

12 Revenue Enhancers Besides Silent Auctions to Try at Your Event

When to Include "Buy Now" Prices on Bid Sheets

6 Tips to Assemble a Procurement Super Team

Donor & Volunteer Current Trends: INFOGRAPHIC

4 Easy Steps to 'Feed' Your Auction's Top Spenders

This Simple Concept Is a Game-Changer for Auction Procurement

How to "Double Up" on Auction Profits by Selling Multiples

Grant Writing Expert Shares Tips to Snag $30,000 in One Afternoon

Is an auctioneer worth 10 times the cost of a local personality?

Top 5 Donor Travel Destinations in 2017 & More Trends: INFOGRAPHIC

Winspire Hotel Giveback: 30% of bookings go to your cause

Hot topic: Should retail values be displayed on auction items?

This 5-Minute Auction Warm-up Could Raise Thousands for Your Cause

9 Simple Safeguards to Sidestep Legal Troubles in Your Fundraiser

31 Ideas for Unique, Buzzworthy Silent Auction Baskets

Top 10 Critical Items to Bring to a Fundraising Auction

April Donation Give-away Winner Announced! Congrats goes to...

How One Silent Auction Chair Procures 700+ Items Annually

Donor Retention Sinks in 2017: How to Increase Your Rates INFOGRAPHIC

Don't Give Up: Auctioneer Shares Tips to Save a Dying Fundraising Auction

Chari-Tee Time: 10 Expert Tips to Host a Flawless Benefit Golf Tournament

Lessons Learned from Our Top 3 Podcast Episodes (So Far)

7 FUN Ideas for Online Fundraising: Auctions, Webinars, E-commerce and More

5 Easy Ways to Ward Off Fundraising Event Fatigue

Nonprofit Email Marketing: What's Working in 2017 [Infographic + eBook]

19 Tips to Capture Event Sponsorships, Higher Bids with Mobile Bidding

4 Things We Learned about Silent Auctions from a Hit ABC Sitcom

3 Ways Benefit Auctioneer Scott Robertson Runs Charity Auctions like Seamless Productions

5 Tips to Share with Your Auction Committee Today (like the downside of sponsored tables)

Turn Guests into Givers: The 3 Building Blocks of Lasting Donor Relationships

3 Ways a Sloppy Auction Timeline Could Cost Your Organization $100,000

How to Persevere Through Common Fundraising Challenges (+ 4 Event Planning Tips)

How Nonprofits Are Promoting Fundraising Events in 2017 [infographic + resources]

How to Get Your Sponsorship Proposal to the Top of the Pile

Announcing New Podcast, "Events With Benefits" - First 3 episodes out now

Send Your Donors to Bermuda for Free: Beginner's Guide to Underwriting

6 Easy Ways Nonprofits Can Get Stellar Online Reviews [shareable graphic]

January Donation Give-away Winner Announced! Congrats goes to...

4 Practical Cures for a Stagnating Auction 🏥

What to Do When Hiring an Auctioneer Costs Too Much

How No-risk Auction Items Take the Bite Out of Procurement

Top Posts of 2016: Save the Date Invites, Sponsorship Letters, Auction Basket Ideas & More

Season's Greetings from Winspire

The Best Way for Your Donors to Travel to Cuba

2016 Shaping Up to Be North America's Most Generous Year Ever: INFOGRAPHIC

WEBINAR: Register for "5 Secrets for Improving Your Charity Auction Timeline"

6 Tips that Take the Stress Out of Managing Year-end Donor Data

9 Ways Online Auctions Boost Year-Round Giving

Thanks for all you do

9 of the Best #GivingTuesday Landing Pages We've Seen

9 Simple Steps to Promote Auction Items on Facebook and Twitter

When to Display Retail Values, Set Minimum Bids and More in a Silent Auction

6 Ideas for a Creative, Effective Holiday Giving Campaign [INFOGRAPHIC]

6 Tips to Extract Higher Profits from Every Silent Auction Item

20 Ways to Get Every Cent Out of Travel Packages in Your Fundraiser

Practical Tips for Serving Food at a Fundraising Auction 🍴

5 Common Auction Timeline Mistakes that Waste Time (and Lose Money)

4 Quick Tips to Raise Money on #GivingTuesday [INFOGRAPHIC]

Craft Beer Is Selling Like Crazy at Fundraising Auctions

Wildcard Auction Raises $10,000 Out of Thin Air [VIDEO + TEMPLATES]

Fundraising Auction Cheat Sheet: 5 At-a-Glance Steps to Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

October Donation Give-away Winner Announced! Congrats goes to...

Are You Missing Out on $5,000 Per Bidder at Your Charity Auction?

6 Powerful Ways to Market Your Fundraising Event for Free

This Easy Formula Takes the Guesswork Out of Auction Procurement [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fund-a-Need Fundamentals: 10 Mistakes That Can Destroy a Cash Appeal

Get to Know Your Donors: The Ultimate Guide to Nonprofit Surveying

Fund-a-Need 101: 4 Steps to Execute a Smooth Cash Appeal

Promote Your Fundraiser with a Facebook Event: Step-by-Step Guide

Fundraising Incentives: 8 Top Strategies to Sweeten Giving

Double Your Live Auction Revenue with this Easy Technique: VIDEO

26 Creative, Attractive Basket Ideas for a Silent Auction Fundraiser

Oh, the Places Your Bidders Will Go: Travel Trends of 2016 INFOGRAPHIC

13 Proven Ways to Raise More Money at Your Fundraising Event

Why Email Is Your Fundraising Event's Greatest Asset (NEW eBook + calendar template!)

3 Simple Steps to Offer Travel in Your Fundraising Auction

Nonprofit Crowdfunding 101: 4 Tactics to Reach New Donors and Raise More Money

Profit Plans: Generate More Revenue from Every Minute of Your Fundraising Event

Too Many Items? 4 Amazingly Simple Solutions to Top Live Auction Problems

3 Steps to Negotiating a Better Price on Your Fundraising Event Venue

Mobile and Online Bidding: A Comprehensive Guide to Silent Auction Technology

13 Ways Board Members Can Become Fundraising Event Superheroes

This Live Auction Sequence Works Like Magic to Maximize Bids

How Benefit Auctioneers Haul In 50% Higher Bids: INFOGRAPHIC

4 Scorching-Hot Summer Strategies to Supercharge Your Fall Fundraiser

July Donation Give-Away Winner Announced! Drumroll please...

3 Must-try Techniques to Generate More Money from Your Charity Auction (hint: wine trees!)

Why Travel Budgets Are Awesome For Your Fundraising Bottom Line

The "3 E's" that Bridge the Gap Between Fun and Fundraising

This Simple Tool Delivers the Know-how to Raise $100,000 in One Night

Fishing for Bids? The Best and Worst Silent Auction Items to "Bait" Donors

3 Easy Ways to Retain Event Sponsors (You'll thank yourself later!)

How No-Risk Travel Is a Game Changer for Charity Auctions

Do's & Don'ts of Charity Event Sponsorship Request Follow Up

10 Easy Steps to Effective Sponsorship Request Letters + FREE Templates

How Nonprofit Giving Changes in an Election Year: INFOGRAPHIC

Top 5 Travel Destinations to Offer at Your Next Fundraiser

3 Keys to Writing Mobile-Friendly Event Emails (that reach 65% more people!)

WEBINAR: Watch "Generate Record Profits at Your Next Fundraising Auction"

This Charity Auctioneer Script Could Raise Thousands at Your Next Auction

The 2-Step Process to Getting Enthusiastic Event Sponsorships

Secure Better Auction Items: How to Host a "Procurement Party"

4 Easy Tricks to Make the Most of Event Emails, Including the Best Time to Send

Turn Your Silent Auction into a Luxury Shopping Experience: Infographic

Donor Segmentation: The Email Tactic that Gets 65% More Responses

Does Hiring a Professional Fundraising Auctioneer Really Make Sense? [VIDEO]

WEBINAR: Watch "10 Deadly Sins of Charity Auctions (and how to prevent them)"

9 Easy Ways to Make Event Fundraising Emails More Effective

April Donation Give-Away Winner: Heather Angstreich

Spring Fundraising Idea: Set Up a "Mother's and Father's Day" Raffle

"Save the Date" Email Invites: 8 Easy Ways to Make Your Fundraiser Stand Out

12 Questions You're Asking about Consignment Travel, Answered

Consignment Travel Is for Suckers: Letter from a Skeptic

Framing Auction Items: Should Prices Be Displayed in the Auction Catalog?

How to Set Starting Bids on Consignment Auction Items

Top 5 Reasons Nonprofits Steer Clear of Consignment Travel

The Insider Strategy that Triples Revenue from One Auction Item

Procuring Buzzworthy Travel for Your Upcoming Charity Auction: Webinar and Q&A with GreaterGiving

How to Unlock Fundraising Opportunities After an Auction Using No-Risk Travel

Why Winning Bidders Love Travel: Survey Results Infographic

From Fundraising to "Friend-raising": 5 Post-Auction Must-Do's to Grow Lasting Relationships

Displays 101: Impress Your Bidders with Better Silent Auction Displays

Planning a Silent Auction? 3 Practical Steps So You're Not Pulling Your Hair Out

Event Spotlight: How a Special "Trip of a Lifetime" Raffle Raised $32,000 for Ohio Nonprofit LifeAct

4 Questions to Ask When Determining Starting Bids and Increments for Auction Items

Setting the Stage for Auction Success: 3 Ways to Prepare Your Donors to Bid

5 Simple Strategies for Procuring Buzzworthy Auction Items this Spring

How Nonprofits Can Capture Donations via Mobile Giving [INFOGRAPHIC]

Introducing Summy, Our Newest Winspire News Contributor

3 Ways to Boost Fundraising with Your Nonprofit Website

Join Us for a Free Webinar with GreaterGiving: Procuring Buzzworthy Travel Packages

6 Reasons Consignment Auction Items Help Raise More Money

January Donation Give-Away Winner: Morgan Stewart

Write Amazing Headlines for Your Nonprofit Blog [INFOGRAPHIC]

Top 6 Most-Viewed Posts from 2015

Silent Auction Spacing: What to Do When You Run out of Room

Tax Compliance for Nonprofit Event Fundraising [INFOGRAPHIC]

The 6 Best Thanksgiving Infographics of 2015

The Pitfalls of Creating a "Buyer's Market" at Your Silent Auction

Choosing the Right Event Fundraiser for Your Nonprofit [INFOGRAPHIC]

8 Email Campaign Tips for Promoting a Nonprofit Fundraising Event

How to Create an Email Campaign For Your Charity Fundraiser [VIDEO]

Going, Going ...Gone? Why Selling to the Highest Bidder Doesn't Always Make the Most Cents

16 Fundraising Best Practices for Preventing Donor Fatigue

6 Foodie Tips for Planning the Best Charity Event Menu Ever

October Donation Give-Away Winner: Imanni Burg from Moscow, Russia!

3 Ways Group Vacations Are Reaching Higher Bids and Developing Stronger Donors

Local or Exotic Travel Auction Packages? [INFOGRAPHIC]

12 Theme Ideas Matched with Auction Items [Part 4 of 4]

Can Auction Software Help My Fundraiser Make More Money?

BizWorld Lesson #6: Overhead Ain't Bad

12 Event Fundraising Themes Matched with Travel Experiences [Part 3 of 4]

Americans Need to Learn How to Take Vacation

Most Charitable States in America [INFOGRAPHIC]

Charity Auction Ideas to Match Your Event Theme [Part 2 of 4]

Millennial Giving [INFOGRAPHIC]

12 Charity Event Theme Ideas Matched with Travel Packages [Part 1 of 4]

6 Must-Have Volunteer Duties for a Successful Charity Event

8 Ideas for Securing Incredible Charity Auction Items Early

Engaging Stakeholders in Shaping Your Next Charity Event

Experience Spotlight: Wimbledon Tennis Championship

U.S. and Canadian Travel Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ssshh... Have You Heard About The Super Silent Auction?

Congrats to our July Donation Give-Away Winner: Julie-Anne Lambert

Introducing The NEW Winspire Silent Auction Travel Package Collection

5 Summer Prep Ideas For Your Next Charity Auction

4 Ideas for Selecting Charity Auction Trips Based on Location

11 Elements of a Spectacular Online Donation Page

10 Ways to Stay Cool with Donors in the Heat of Summer

The History of Auctions [INFOGRAPHIC]

4 Reasons a Charity Auction Specialist Will Inspire Your Audience

Special Appeals: When's the Best Time to Ask?

Charitable Giving Trends in Canada [INFOGRAPHIC]

Writing Item Descriptions for a Silent Auction is Easier Than You Think

What is SEO and How Can It Help My Nonprofit?

4 Simple Donor Segments That Will Maximize Your Fundraising Efforts

¡Arriba! Mexico Trips You'll Love this Cinco De Mayo

4 Sizzling Summertime Charity Auction Ideas

3 Reasons Travel is the Best Selling Charity Auction Item

10 Email Marketing Tips for Cultivating Major Donors

Silent Auction Forms: The Essential List

Top 5 Tools for Promoting Your Fundraising Event on a Budget

4 Reasons You May Be Skeptical of Consignment Travel Packages

Congrats to our April Donation Give-Away Winner: Nikki Katrodia from WINGS Program!

31 Live Auction Ideas That Are Sure to Make a Splash

BizWorld Lesson #5: Manage Your Donors More Like Customers

A Brief History of Charitable Giving [INFOGRAPHIC]

[WEBINAR] Consignment Items: Making the Most!

3 Reasons Donor Sponsored Experiences Are Awesome

The Ultimate List of 100+ Silent Auction Item Ideas

BizWorld Lesson #4: Utilize Nonprofit Branding Strategies

Hyatt Now Offering Unlimited Free WiFi at All Properties

Nonprofit Communication & Marketing Trends 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Generate Event Sponsorships With a Charity Auction Catalog [TEMPLATE]

Build Your Own Charity Auction Catalog [TEMPLATE]

How Well Do You Really Know Your Donors?

5 Ways to Pick the Best Live Auction Travel Packages for Your Audience

5 Money-Saving Tips for the Nonprofit Event Organizer

8 Ways to Cultivate Major Donors with Experiential Travel

5 Reasons NOT to Hire a Benefit Auctioneer

Live or Silent Auction Fundraiser? That is the Question [INFOGRAPHIC]

New Fundraising Events: 5 Ideas for Your Future Self

4 Auction Travel Package Ideas for Enhancing Your Next Event

Congratulations to our Donation Give-Away Winner: Nancy from Friends for Therapeutic Equine Activities!

Travel Weekly's Top Destinations of 2014

Top 5 Most Popular Charity Auction Posts from 2014

Wishing you Happy Holidays from Winspire!

BizWorld Lesson #3: Track and Measure EVERYTHING

Increase Nonprofit Holiday Giving with Social Fundraising [INFOGRAPHIC]

Top 10 Reasons Fundraising Auctions Don't Raise Money

5 Ways to Develop Donors with a Culture of Gratitude

Why are Nonprofits Missing Their Development Directors? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are You Killing Your Fundraiser With These 5 Auction Mistakes?

Importance of Individual Giving [GRAPHIC]

Why Nonprofits Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Failure

10 Golden Rules of Donor Development

The Winspire Donation Give-Away is Back!

BizWorld Lesson #2: Invest in Good People

6 Simple Ways to Engage Donors This Holiday Season

The Biggest Secret to Hosting a Successful Charity Auction

BizWorld Lesson #1: Running Your Nonprofit More Like a For-Profit Business

The Power of Storytelling During Fundraising Events

Do Women Give More Money Than Men?

Bon Appetite! Boost your Fundraising Efforts with Culinary Experiences

5 Unexpected Ways Online Auctions Can Enhance a Fundraising Event

Survey Finds Millennials Prefer Spending Money on Experiences Over 'Things'

Introducing the Winspire Jingle [VIDEO]: "Risk Free Auction Items"

The Value of Volunteering Time [INFOGRAPHIC]

Raise More Money After Your Auction Event Using No-Risk Experiences

4 No-Nonsense Reasons to Invest in Consignment Auction Items

4 Simple Tricks for Using Email to Promote Nonprofit Auction Items

Social Media Active Users [INFOGRAPHIC]

Charity Auction Items: Save Time and Raise More Money

6 Reasons to Use Mobile Bidding at Your Next Fundraising Auction

2014 State of the Nonprofit Sector [Slideshare]

The 5 Golden Rules of Consignment Auction Items

Raise $10,000 with a “Winner’s Choice” Fundraising Raffle

Which Auction Packages Should I Pick For My Fundraiser?

Blast Off with the Kennedy Space Center Astronaut Adventure

9 Essentials of Highly Effective Nonprofit Content Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

5 Quick and Dirty Solutions for the Most Common Fundraising Mistakes

Millennial Travelers Will Soon Surpass Other Generations in Overall Spending [INFOGRAPHIC]

Event Spotlight: How The John Crosland School Revived Donor Development with Their Annual Fundraising Gala

Thursday is the New Saturday: 3 Reasons to Plan Your Event On a Weekday

3-Step Guide for Setting Minimum Starting Bids on Charity Auction Items

Amplify Event Revenue by Selling Auction Packages Multiple Times

Spark a Bidding War at Your Charity Auction

Fundraising Ideas for Your Next Nonprofit Event [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to Create Exceptional Charity Auction Travel Packages

5 Ways To Thank Online Donors and Make a Powerful Impact

Improve Your Online Presence to Boost Donations

6 Fundraising Ideas to Help Connect with Millennial Donors

Why Auction Trips Make Sense (and lots of $$$!)

How to Build a Professional Procurement Packet for Your Auction Committee

Hop Aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Asking for Money

Get More Mileage Out of Your Auction Packages

5 Surefire Ways to Ignite Bidding on Silent Auction Items

Why Nonprofits Need a Social Media Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Part 3: How to Distribute a Press Release for Your Fundraising Event

Write a Press Release for Your Fundraising Event [EXAMPLE]

Part 1: Why Press Releases Are Important for Your Fundraising Event

7 Incentives Guaranteed to Motivate Your Auction Committee

4 Practical Tips for Decorating Your Fundraising Auction

5 Best Practices for Serving Alcohol at Fundraising Events

5 Ways to Give Your Biggest Donors the VIP Treatment

And the Winner is... Most Visited U.S. Destination in 2013

Importance of Debriefing With Your Auction Committee

3 Crucial Post-Auction Steps to Ensure Future Fundraising Success

3 Profitable Tips for Closing Out Your Next Silent Auction

Event Timeline: 4 Crucial Steps for Acquiring Fundraiser Auction Items

How Nonprofits Should Reach Millennials [INFOGRAPHIC]

The "Tiki Culture" of San Francisco’s Tonga Room

Top 5 Pitfalls of Live Auctions and How to Avoid Them

Send Your Donors on a Trip Out of This World!

Change Your Story About Money

Learn To Incorporate a Special Appeal Into Your Charity Auction Ideas

Winning Bidder Feedback: Behind-the-Scenes at the U.S. Capitol

Top 4 Silent Auction Problems and How to Solve Them Like a Pro

Bid Sheets 101: Improve Your Silent Auction With Better Bid Sheets

The 6 Most Important Volunteer Duties for your Auction Day Team

Wine Enthusiasts Rejoice at Benziger Family Winery

The 4 Phase "Arc" of a Fundraising Auction Event

The 16 Most Fascinating Nonprofit Statistics We Could Find [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Many Auction Items Should I Put in my Fundraising Event?

How to Bundle Smaller Donations to Create Extraordinary Auction Items

Rev Your Engines: World Class Driving Inspires the Racecar Driver Within Us All

Why Surveying Donors Can Boost Fundraising Revenue at Your Next Charity Auction

Where Do Your Donors Want to Travel? [INFOGRAPHIC]

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Fundraising Event Space

3 Tips for Displaying Auction Items to Attract Fierce Bidding

The Nonprofit Sector in Brief [INFOGRAPHIC]

When to Send Traditional vs. Email Invitations for Your Charity Event

How to Design an Effective Charity Event Invitation

3 Steps for Organizing Your Auction Item Wish List

Oh La La! Behind-the-Scenes With Chic Shopping Paris

5 Qualities to Look For When Building Your Auction Committee

New Free eBOOK: Procuring Quality Charity Auction Items

Event Planning: Stay On Track 1-3 Months From The Event

Event Planning: Attracting Attendees 3-6 Months Out

Event Planning: Five Key Accomplishments by 6-12 Months Out

3 Ways to Procure Auction Items Based on Donor Interests

3 Mistakes to Avoid While Procuring Auction Items

3 Reasons Your Fundraising Event May Actually Lose Donors

4 Surprisingly Simple Cures for Donor Fatigue

6 Tips for Leveraging Existing Donors to Acquire New Ones

2 Easy Steps For Acquiring New Donors Online

4 Simple Ways to Build Stronger Donor Relationships

Nonprofit Communication Trends for 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Looking Back on 2013 - A Letter from Winspire President Jeff Cova

Donor Travel Budgets Are The Key to Fundraising Success

What is the Role of a Benefit Auction Specialist?

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Charity Auctioneer

Why Hire a Professional Benefit Auctioneer?

5 Tips for Using Auction Items to Generate Buzz For Your Event

Social Media 101: Boost Attendance and Awareness of Your Fundraising Event

5 Tips for Improving Attendance at Your Next Benefit Auction

6 Reasons Why Consignment Items Raise More Money and Make Life Easier

Auction Item Procurement is All About “The Ask”!

4 Unique Ideas for Brainstorming Exceptional Auction Items

Kick Off Your Auction Item Procurement with a “Wish List Party”

3 Quick Tips for Procuring Quality Auction Items

World-Renowned Olive Oil Tasting on the Talcott Estate

5 Step Timeline For Planning a Flawless Benefit Auction

Nonprofit Success Story: Tuscarora Township Veterans Pier Project

How to Achieve the Right Mix of Live and Silent Auction Items

Getting Deep with Donors: Why Fundraising Events are the Key to Building Donor Relations

Event Spotlight: Sebastian Ferrero Foundation's Annual Noche de Gala Fundraiser

4 Quick Tips for Developing a Solid Donor Base

Bucket List: Sail an America's Cup Yacht in San Francisco Bay

Fundraising Events Aren't Just for Raising Money

Should I Host a Live or Silent Auction?

Supercharge Your Charity Event: Include a Benefit Auction

Travel Diary: Escape to San Francisco & Sonoma

Benefits of Using a Charity Auction Specialist [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why Host a Benefit Auction?

7 Best Practices for a Successful Benefit Auction

CHOC Walk Success!

Growth in Online Giving Means Opportunity for Nonprofits

Benefit Auction Summit 2013: Educating and Empowering Benefit Auctioneers

Competition for Charitable Donations Requires Creative Silent Auction Ideas

Smarter Auction Item Procurement

What Nonprofits Need Most

Summertime is for Connecting with Donors and Evaluating Fundraising Strategy

New Best Practices for Accountable Fundraising from DMANF

Letter to the Donors of America

AFP Photo Contest Winner!

Where Will the Money Come From? 8 Golden Rules for Identifying Prospects

Silent Auctions Engagement

Better Fundraising Auction Ideas for Your Nonprofit Event

10 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Mobile Site [INFOGRAPHIC]

Finding Auction Items For Your Charity Event

Top 10 Ways Major Donors are Changing and What To Do About It

Presenting mySuitcase… A New Way to Browse for Charity Auction Items

Come Visit Us at AFP San Diego!

Social Influences in Giving

Infographics: Should Your Nonprofit Hire A Designer or Do It Yourself?

Think About Your Mobile Strategy

Game Show Fundraisers Raise the Roof & the Funds

An Open Plea to Hold Better Events

Tools to Improve Your Online Fundraising

How Social Media and Fundraising Fit Together

Expensive Travel: The Most Luxurious New Amenities On Planes & Cruises

6 Ways to Better Engage with Millennials

6 Images Every Nonprofit Can Capture

Four Social Personas Your Nonprofit Needs To Understand [Infographic]

Story of Success: Hellenic Community of Ottawa and the Gold Plates Benefit

May Give-Away Winner: Congratulations to Connie Mattos & The Child Advocacy Center!

Matthew Stafford Wins $15,000 Auction Item Then Gives It Away

TPC Scottsdale – Be Treated Like a Pro

They’re Off and Running... Enjoy The Kentucky Derby!

May Donation Give-Away: Fairmont Scottsdale 2-Night Stay with Championship Golf

Congratulations to our March Donation Give-Away Winner: Love Jones & Youth For Tomorrow!

Winspire Team Member Beats Living Legend in Mountainbike Race

Here's A Shout-Out to Our Nonprofits!

Most-Wanted Hotel Amenities - Wi-Fi Tops the List! (INFOGRAPHIC)

Wonderful Showing at AFP International

Winspire Inspired by Someone Cares Soup Kitchen

Reminder to Come Visit us at the AFP International Conference!

Where are you planning to travel for your spring break this year?

Congratulations to our February Donation Give-Away Winner: Emily Leonard & The San Anselmo Preschool Center!

March Donation Give-Away: Wrigley Field Rooftop Bleachers and Dining Experience with 3-Night Fairmont Stay for (2)

It's March and the Madness is on the Way

Testimonial from Dream Center

March is National Noodle Month!

Good Luck this weekend to our Nonprofits!

Top 10 Reasons to Use No-Risk Auction Items

Winspire wants to wish you all: “Bon Mardi Gras!”

Super Heroes Fighting Evil... and Fundraising?

Did you Know? Interesting Facts About Charitable Giving

Happy Valentine's Day!

For our friends who are currently experiencing winter’s cruel sting. . .

January Give-Away Winner: Congratulations to Becci Ruder & Leadership Pikes Peak!

February Donation Give-Away: Napa Valley Wine Train Experience

Super Bowl XLVI by the Numbers: Millions of TVs, Gallons of Beer & Tons of Food

Winspire Testimonial: Make-A-Wish Foundation

Come Visit Winspire at the AFP International Conference on Fundraising!

Crazy Internet Auction Items

Fundraising Tip: Maximize your Silent Auction Revenue by Offering a “Buy It Now” Feature

Traveling to Europe? There’s an App for that!

Winspire Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Winspire Package Spotlight: New Orleans Jazz and Dining Experience

December Give-Away Winner: Congratulations to Helena Anderson & Flying Horse Farms!!

January Donation Give-Away: Indy-Style Open-wheel Racing Experience

Bring on the Goodies

Article: Experiences - The Gifts That Keep on Giving

Happy New Year from Winspire!

Happy Holidays from Winspire

A Few Tips As You Prepare For Your Holiday Travels

Christmas Scene in Mexico City Sets Records

Winning Bidder Experience - Las Vegas 3-Night Stay with Cirque Du Soleil VIP Tickets

Event Spotlight: The 2011 Dennis James 16th Annual Golf Classic

New Package Announcement: 2012 PGA Championship Experience

Why Winspire?

Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign a Christmas Tradition

Congratulations to Johnna Burton and the Histiocytosis Association!

December Donation Give-Away: Two Tickets to Any American Airlines Destination in the 48 States and Canada!

Fundraising Tip: Sell One Package to All of the Top Bidders

Last Chance to Enter the Donation Give-Away!

Question: Who is going to the most unique destination this holiday season?

Happy Thanksgiving from Winspire!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Holiday Shopping Season Begins!

Fundraising Tip: When Asking for Donations Ask for a Second Item

Event Follow Up: Ohr-O'Keefe Museum Gala

Something Funny: Nice Boyfriend

Big Brothers Big Sisters "Get Their Feet Wet"

2 Weeks Until Drawing for Donation Give-Away!

Congrats on a HUGE Weekend!

Winning Bidder Experience - Charleston, South Carolina Getaway

Winspire Question: What's on your Bucket List?

Travel Partner Spotlight: Celebrity Cruises

New Winspire Package: 2012 U.S. Open Championship

Event Spotlight - Ante Up For Autism

Winter Season 2011-12: Both Bad News & Good News

Winspire Items Account for 31% of Total Earnings in Fundraiser

Winspire November Donation Give-Away

Happy Halloween from Winspire!

How Much Does a Date With Scarlett Johansson Cost?

Event Spotlight - “Diamonds Ohr Forever”

Winspire participates in 21st Annual CHOC Walk

Give Procurement a Boost with Unique Items

Auction Item Tip: You Can Never Go Wrong With the Wine Country

Winning Bidder Experience - Greetings From Maccu Picchu!

5 Quick Tips for Making Your Procurement Efforts More Effective

Winspire is Going Social!

Stuggling Senior Center Raises $18,000 With Raffle

Nonprofits show optimism despite serious concerns, United Way survey finds

Convio’s Event Fundraising Benchmark Study Showcases Nonprofit Success

40+ Nonprofits Gain Advantage on Facebook with Philanthropic Initiative

Texting Isn't All About Giving

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