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Local or Exotic Travel Auction Packages? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Ian Lauth

Include both local and exotic auction travel packages at your next fundraiser

Local getaways or exotic destinations – which kind of travel auction package is the best for your next charity fundraising event? The answer – both!

Exotic travel packages - such as those with an airfare component or to a different country - bring the most advantages to the live-and-silent-auction table. Mainly, the higher price point means higher return for your nonprofit. Some exotic travel packages can bring more than ten times the return of a local package!

Travel packages to an exotic location are also a great headliner for your event. Whether in the live auction or silent auction setting, big-ticket vacations can certainly generate lots of interest and even bolster the performance of the other items you're offering at your event. Unique experiences are also wonderful features for your marketing and promotional materials, helping to get your guests excited about the auction as a whole before the event event starts.

Local travel packages are extremely popularLocal travel packages also have many advantages that make them an essential element of your auction. Due to their low reserve price, local travel packages are a great way for novice attendees to “break-the-ice” on the bidding process and get comfortable participating in both silent and live auctions. Similarly, a larger share of your audience may have an interest in bidding on these package because of the price point.

It turns out that local travel and "staycations" have become a popular trend in the United States, with an estimated 870 million Americans staying home or road-trippin' it in 2015 alone!

What does that mean for your nonprofit? It means your next charity auction should be well-stocked with both high-dollar long-distance travel and smaller non-airfare local experiences. Having a mix of both local and exotic destinations in your live and silent auctions ensures you have something for everyone in your audience.

Winspire’s catalog of travel auction packages offers an extensive collection of amazing local and exotic experiences designed to appeal to any audience or donor group - no matter where you're located. To speak to someone about including one of these Experience in your next fundraiser, request a call back and someone will reach out shortly to discuss your event.

Local vs Exotic auction travel packages - INFOGRAPHIC

*Following is a list of the travel auction packages listed in the infographic:

New York

Washington D.C.


Los Angeles

San Francisco



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Ian Lauth
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