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May Give-Away Winner: Congratulations to Connie Mattos & The Child Advocacy Center!

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May 2012 Donation Give-Away Winner

We are thrilled to announce the winner of the May 2012 Donation Give-Away! Connie Mattos is excited to be donating the Fairmont Scottsdale 2-Night Stay with Championship Golf to the Child Advocacy Center in Fort Collins, CO for use in their next fundraiser. The Child Advocacy Center is a Nonprofit whose mission it is to reduce trauma to children and their families through a comprehensive response to child abuse.

Child Advocacy Center

From the CAC website,

"Our vision is to eliminate child abuse through prevention and education. Where we cannot, all victims will receive comprehensive and compassionate services from an effective team of professionals."

The CAC conducts forensic interviews with children who have allegedly been abused, or who have been possible witnesses to violent crimes; provides support services, mental health and medical exam referrals to families; holds community trainings on child abuse issues; conducts both a school (Talking About Touching) and community based (Stewardโ€™s of Children) prevention program.

Connie has been involved with the CAC since 1997, first as a board member for 7 years, then as a volunteer on different projects. She served as auction coordinator for the Bocce y Bella Sera fundraiser for 10 years.

"I have loved being able to help, even in a small way, to ensure that the Center continues to be a viable part of our community and continues to help child victims and their families."  - Connie Jennings

Winspire would like to congratulate both Connie and the Child Advocacy Center for winning the May Donation Give-Away, and wish them all the best moving forward.

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