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Software update: Pre-Save Credit Card Information

Posted by Grace Neumann

You asked and we listened: donors can now save payment information to their accounts! This means that when the bidding gets heated eager donors won't have to worry about whether or not they'll need to enter their credit card information again! Let the excitement of auction night begin!

Saving Credit Card Info: Two Easy Options

There are two easy ways a donor can save their card information. Donors will be given the option to save their information during  checkout when making transactions.

Untitled design (4)They will also be able to save or update their credit card information at any time from the “My Account” area. In the "My Payment Method" tab they will be able to add, manage, or remove their saved payment information quickly whenever they'd like.  

Screenshot (93)

Saving Credit Card Info: creating a donor account

To create an account without going through the checkout process, your donor would simply need to visit your experience, navigate to the top right where the account icon is, and click "login." This will take them to a login and sign up page. From there, they will be taken to their account where they can access the "My Payment Method" tab.

This new feature enables a donor to donate to one of your experiences, save their card information, and return at any time, at any point in the future, to contribute to a different experience without re-entering their payment information a second time. The platform will save their card information, making checkout more effortless and streamlined for returning donors across any experience they donate to!  

If you have any questions regarding this update, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Software Customer Success rep! 

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