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4 Auction Travel Package Ideas for Enhancing Your Next Event

Procuring auction travel packages to match your audience's interests and hobbies is a crucial part of creating a successful fundraising event. But what if your audience of donors has a wide range of interests? This can make it a challenge to pick which travel package to include in your live auction.

  • 6 min read
  • Jan 13, 2015 10:03:00 AM

Why Auction Trips Make Sense (and lots of $$$!)

As your fundraising event attendees are getting dressed for the big night out, they may give some thought as to how much money they will spend on raffle tickets or what they might buy at your live or silent auction. While people may come with a specific dollar figure in mind, they will often spend above and beyond depending on what opportunities are presented at the event.

Crazy Internet Auction Items

Got a few extra dollars burning a hole in your pocket? Looking for that “must have” item to talk about at your next cocktail party? Log on to the internet, join in on one of the millions of on-line auctions and you might be the lucky winner of such items as: A giant Cheeto - $180 Justin Timberlake’s half-eaten French toast - $3,154

  • 1 min read
  • Jan 23, 2012 12:55:00 AM

How Much Does a Date With Scarlett Johansson Cost?

We all know superstar actress Scarlett Johansson is worth a lot, but who knew she would draw so much fundraising money for a simple date? Earlier this month a British charity auction, raising money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer, put a date with the actress up for grabs. During the live auction event, two wealthy men in the audience got into a bidding war.

  • 3 min read
  • Oct 28, 2011 2:00:00 AM

Give Procurement a Boost with Unique Items

One of the hardest things to do when you’re planning an auction is to procure those hot items you know your audience wants—items so unique they can’t be found anywhere else. If you’re lucky, you already have an established group of donors who, year after year, give you exactly what you’re looking for. Yet the majority of nonprofits struggle with getting beyond the most basic donations, such as spa gift certificates and vacation homes. If your procurement committee is short on time and/or resources, you may want to consider utilizing a vendor for procurement services. Professional auctioneers and event planners often provide these services for a fee.

  • 5 min read
  • Oct 24, 2011 2:57:00 AM

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