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6 Powerful Ways to Market Your Fundraising Event for Free

Fall fundraising season is well underway, and chances are your organization has a fundraising event on the horizon. A key piece to your success is strategic promotion. We all know events can be pricey, and when budgets get stretched thin, it's tempting to put marketing efforts to the backburner. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to spread the word that don't cost a penny. Today we will look at 6 of the best ways to promote your event for free, including: Google AdWords Other Online Resources (social media, organization website) Email Marketing Media Partners (media sponsorships, press coverage) Press Releases Local Events, Clubs and Word-of-Mouth Whether you're looking to make a big splash in a first year event, or need to refresh a stagnating event, bringing in new supporters can set the tone for years to come. Read on for ways to convert these methods into more event registrations—and dollars for your cause.

  • 18 min read
  • Sep 27, 2016 10:04:08 AM

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