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Travel Weekly's Top Destinations of 2014

Posted by Sharon Ruback


Late last month, Travel Weekly revealed its list of 2014 Readers Choice Award winners. More than 9,000 industry voters, including Travel Weekly readers and industry professionals, selected the best airlines, destinations, hotels, cruise lines and theme parks.

Las Vegas topped the list as the Best U.S. City, while Hawaii was selected as the #1 state to visit. 

Why are we sharing this with you? While we know you certainly could use a vacation right about now, this information is actually very relevant to Nonprofit fundraising as well as donor acquisition and retention.

Including trips to top travel destinations in your fundraising events will help your organization can tap into donor’s travel budgets. It’s a simple and impactful way to boost fundraising revenue and give donors a way to contribute while enjoying a trip of a lifetime.

Many of the Readers Choice Award Winners are available to you through Winspire. Here are just a few:

1. Best Destination in CanadaVancouver, BC

Choose Your Canadian Fairmont Stay and Fairmonts in Vancouver & Victoria. Stay 4 or 7 nights in a Junior Suite including daily breakfast.


2. Best Destination in CaribbeanDominican Republic

See why Hollywood stars, professional athletes, heads-of-state and Fortune 500 executives have made this resort one of their preferred vacation spots! 

3. Best European DestinationIreland

Explore Dublin, Ennis and Killarney, stay in a historic castle and golf on some of Ireland’s most iconic fairways.


4. Best HotelsMarriott (Domestic), Westin (Upscale) and Ritz Carlton (Luxury)

Winspire trips include Marriott vacations in Costa Rica, Las Vegas, Key West, Paris and Hawaii; Westin Napa, Cancun, Fiji, Maui and Kauai;  and Ritz-Carlton Kapalua.


5. Best Theme Park - Disney World


6. Best Cruise Line - Royal Caribbean (Domestic and Caribbean categories)


By using Winspire trips and experiences, you can offer your audience a wide variety of options to choose from – and there’s definitely something for everybody. All our travel packages are no-risk because there’s no upfront cost (you only purchase from Winspire what sells at your event) and virtually no work on your part. Just select the trips you want to make available at your event and Winspire will send you everything you need!


Use Winspire Experiences in your next auction!


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Sharon Ruback
Sharon Ruback
Having been a member of the Winspire team since its inception, Sharon enjoys working with hospitality and travel partners to expand and enhance Winspire's portfolio of experiences. A self-proclaimed armchair traveler, she focuses on developing trips and experiences that will bring a "wow" factor to charity fundraising events. The better the experiences she puts together, the more money Nonprofits can raise. With 200+ packages -- and more in the work -- the possibilities are endless, which makes coming into work everyday a real adventure.

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