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Update: An Enhanced User Experience for Winspire Fundraising Software

Posted by Grace Neumann

If it's been awhile since you logged on to your Winspire Fundraising account, next time you start a new campaign you may notice the set up experience looks a little different.

We've made some changes, with you in mind, to our experience set up. Users will now be able to better distinguish between fundraising campaigns for specific causes, and one-time events!

Fully Online vs. Hybrid

When users launch a new experience, the first thing they'll be asked is whether their fundraiser will be fully online, or if it will be a part of a live event that is supported by online activities. We'll break it down below.

Screenshot (58)

Online activities are those that can be ongoing fundraisers that supporters can participate in at any time. Examples of this type of experience would be Raffles, Sweepstakes, Auctions, Crowdfunding, Sales (Store), and A-Thons.  

Live events supported by online activities are events that are hosted at a specific day and time, like an annual gala or live trivia night. If users are interested in selling tickets or admission to their fundraiser, it would qualify as an event. 


Ticketing Options to Fit Any Event 

When creating an experience that has a live component combined with online activities, users have the ability to decide whether or not they would like to enable ticketing for the experience. Users can also sell tickets to a virtual event to take place at a specific date and time. 

Screenshot (59)Improved Features to Enhance Users' Experience 

Live-streaming and peer-to-peer fundraising are now front and center during the set up process, allowing users to engage their donors through collaboration and a virtual live experience.  

Screenshot (60)Activity Start and End Dates

When creating experiences that combine multiple activities -- for example, a ticketed event, online auction, and raffle -- users have the ability start and end their activity dates at different times, according to their needs. 

Screenshot (62)

Increased Customization for Certain Activities

Crowdfunding and A-Thon activities have been adjusted to accommodate the varied needs of users. 

Crowdfunding Perks

Users now have the ability to choose whether or not to enable perks for the crowdfunding elements of their experience. 

Screenshot (63)-1

A-Thon updates

Users also have the ability to distinguish between multi-participant a-thons or a single-participant a-thon -- for example a single user working to reach a goal on behalf of their nonprofit. 

Screenshot (64)More Accessible General Donations

We've made it easier for supporters to find and access the general donation button that is a part of every fundraising experience. It now appears at the top of each fundraising page alongside other activity buttons, including "bid on auction items" and "buy raffle tickets."

Screenshot (66)


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