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Where are well-heeled donors traveling in 2018? INFOGRAPHIC

Posted by Summy Lau


To maximize your live auction revenue, it's important to cater every item to just the top 5 percent of spenders.

One bona fide way to "feed" this top tier of spenders: Offer luxury travel in the auction. Did you know the luxury travel sector is growing almost a third faster than the overall travel industry? 

With luxury travelers from the U.S. alone spending over $67 billion last year, there's a huge opportunity to divert some of those dollars to your cause.

Where are your well-heeled donors traveling in 2017 and beyond?


Access Travel Budgets

Does your supporter base include people passionate about travel?

Studies show people of all age groups increasingly value "Experiences" over "things", but this is especially pronounced in millennials (in their 20s to mid-30s today). As millenials begin reaching the peak of their earning potential, they make up a quarter of those earning over half a million dollars each year! These are young donors interested in both philanthropy and crossing unique locales off their bucket list.

Including exciting, high-end travel packages in the auction is a surefire way to tap into the money they're already setting aside each year for travel.

Offer Open-ended Travel

As noted in the infographic, luxury travelers are booking trips as far as two years in advance. Sophisticated donors don't want to be told when they can and cannot travel. So it's ideal to offer open-ended travel dates in your auction.

With most Winspire Experiences, winning bidders are able to start the booking process up to a year after purchasing the trip. They then have another year to actually take the trip, giving them the flexibility they seek with minimal blackout dates.

International Destinations

High quality trips overseas make up a big portion of luxury travel, but they're among the most difficult items to get donated.

Winspire has put together several trips to top luxury travel destinations in 2017, all of which take just minutes to reserve with no upfront cost.


The northern island nation of Iceland is one of the year’s hottest destinations for tourists, thanks largely to its proximity in viewing the northern lights. Iceland also boasts dramatic wonders like geothermal geysers, the famed Blue Lagoon geothermal spa, waterfalls and national parks brimming with tectonic plate activity.

Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice
Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice

Northern Lights, Blue Lagoon and Golden Circle Tours, 5-Night Stay for 2 (3045-2n)

View package details →

South Africa

With 11 national languages, South Africa is a melting pot of cultures and geography. Visitors flock to its vast plains and desert mountains to view rare wildlife, and South Africa boasts the continent's best-developed safari infrastructure. Urban hub Cape Town offers prominent attractions like historical points of interest, one-of-a-kind markets and paleontology exhibits.

South African Safari
South African Safari

Game Drives, 7-Night Adventure in Cape Town & Private Game Reserve for 2

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Galápagos Islands

As climate change threatens ecosystems and landscapes worldwide, travelers are hoping to see the earth's most fragile environments while they can. An expedition to the Galápagos Islands features natural wonders like lava flows, white beaches perfect for snorkeling, and abundant chances to spot wildlife like sea turtles, sea lions, marine iguanas and the famous blue-footed booby.

Galapagos Islands Expedition
Galapagos Islands Expedition

8-Night Land & Sea Adventure in Ecuador, Galapagos and Santa Cruz Island with Domestic Airfare (South America) for 2

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica, the "rich coast," attracts more than one million visitors each year seeking a getaway in paradise. Visitors can surf, visit waterfalls, spot sloths and spend days enjoying life's simple delights.

Costa Rica Getaway
Costa Rica Getaway

5-Night Stay at Los Suenos Marriott (Playa Herradura) or JW Marriott Guanacaste (Tamarindo) with Airfare for 2

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Sprawling across a 7,000-foot high mountain in the Andes lies the ancient Inca Citadel of Machu Picchu, one of the world's most important heritage sites. A highlight of the ancient Peruvian ruins is found at the top of Aguas Calientes, in the valley of the Incas.

Journey to Machu Picchu
Journey to Machu Picchu

7-Night Adventure at Belmond Hotels in Cuzco, Machu Picchu & Lima, Vistadome Train, with Domestic Airfare (Peru) for 2

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For even more ideas, click below to request a list of our Top 10 bestselling travel packages.

Offering travel in your auction gives your organization access to donor travel budgets.

Summy Lau
Summy Lau
As Fundraising Editor, Summy brings hands-on experience in nonprofit development, event fundraising, publishing, copywriting and design to Winspire News. She creates blog content, infographics, templates, eBooks and other resources to help fundraising professionals and volunteers exceed their fundraising goals. Her two favorite perks of working at Winspire: hearing nonprofit success stories and dreaming of new bucket list destinations.

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